So there’s basically a month to go until Connexus Community Church publicly launches in Barrie and Orillia, and just two weeks until we start meeting on Sundays to train our volunteers (both campuses — be there Sunday, November 11th at 10:00 at the Barrie Galaxy). 

I was thinking about how I’m going to get ready spiritually.  If I’m not careful, I can end up trying to do way too much on my own strength, not leaning hard enough into God. So yesterday, I changed my devotional plan.  For years, I have read through the Bible every year, and that’s good.  But I was going to end up spending half of November in Ezekiel, which is a great book, but it’s basically a bunch of numbers and measurements, especially toward the end.  I wondered whether that would do the best job of really getting me personally ready for the launch. 

So I picked up a devotional book I got a few years ago where essentially, you only read a verse or two of scripture a day and then spend about 15-30 minutes praying over it, reflecting on it, asking God to apply it to your life, journaling about it, and  then praying.  Sometimes just two verses, really digested and applied, can be transformational.

A great teacher, Terry Wardle, helped me overcome my tending to treat Bible reading as a "duty" or something you "check off".  He taught me that the Bible and prayer position you for intimacy with God.  Rather than being an "end" in themselves, I’ve come to see scripture and prayer as means that help me encounter Christ personally and deeply, the same way a fine dinner on a date positions a couple to have a time to catch up and really grow in their relationship.

Man, that’s what I want as we head into this launch.  I’d appreciate your prayers for me and for the whole team as we get spiritually ready for what’s ahead.  And if you’re part of the launch, I hope you’ll think about how you might prepare too.

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