#8: Changing Nothing, But Expecting Everything to Change   
Christians are great at blaming others (including God) for their shortcomings, and a bit famous for being lazy when it comes to personal change.  We sometimes change nothing but expect everything to change.

Many of us get stuck in life on harmful habits, patterns behaviours. (I think the Bible calls that sin.) But rather than acknowledging that we might need to face reality, deal honestly with our role in the problem, and come before God willing to change, we change nothing but expect the results to be different.  When things don’t change, we blame God for the misery in our lives.  It amazes me how at times I can change nothing but still expect everything to change.

The antidote is to face reality.  Reality is our friend.  If I’m stuck, what role did I play in getting me here?  (God is not some cruel puppeteer pulling our strings to make our lives miserable.) Confess it (Trap #9), and then begin to study the scriptures to get a fresh perspective on how to live and rely deeply on God each day for the power and strength to correct the problem.

When you change your attitudes and behaviours (God giving you the power and strength), that’s when things finally begin to change.

What’s your experience with this?


  1. Laurie Lamb on January 13, 2008 at 8:22 am

    After reading about how we want things to miraclously change, I was thinking back to a study our small group did by James MacDonald called I Want to Change So help me God. It is God in us that helps us change. That's where trusting him comes in. One of the most humbling thoughts I got from that study was that Jesus came into the world not to condemn my weaknesses but to save me. He will help you face those things that are really difficult. Let yourself engage with his saving grace.

  2. Joseph Jesseau on January 11, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Blaming others for my shortcomings. I`ve experienced this problem for many years, and even today to some degree I still find myself struggling with it. But thanks be to The Lord and to His Faithful people, these attitudes get identified almost immediately and are either removed, changed, or transformed into something good that can benefit and nourish others in ways that reveal what to look for before becoming enslaved to such an onslaught of accusational attitudes, as well as how to stand against it followed by massive scripture support and prayer and supplication, and of course confessing that you at the time are struggling with this issue ( applying the truth from #9) so as to claim Victory and be released from it.

  3. Clarence Nieuwhof on January 11, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    A great place to start with change is in prayer, I can thank God for even the worst things because I know he has a reason. I learned this a few years ago with a personal family problem. God showed me that I can have everyone of my prayers answered every day as long as I pray for His will and not my own . All that I had to do was trust in him. Once I changed my view on this everything changed in the way I viewed things and this in turn changed the way I did things.

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