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Follower Trap #5

Continuing with our list of the top ten traps followers of Jesus fall into, and having fallen into most/all of them at one point myself….from the home office in East Oro, Ontario….

#5 Expecting Someone Else to be Responsible for Your Spiritual Growth
My basement flooded last week.  Thankfully, it appears my insurance is covering it and, after some initial long hours of hard work, contractors and clean up crews will pretty much do the rest.  (Which works well with my non-existent handy-man gift set).    We delegate and outsource so much these days.

How many of us expect something/someone other than us to be primarily responsible for our spiritual growth?  I think Christians look to their churches to "grow" them spiritually, while not asking the tough personal questions or doing the hard soul-work that comes in an authentic relationship with Jesus. 

In my work with Reggie Joiner and Orange over the last few years, this truth has been driven home to the core of my being: we can’t just expect one hour of exposure on a Sunday morning to effectively shape a child’s future.  We become so much more effective when church leaders work in partnership with parents to leverage every day at home plus the time together at church to shape a child’s future.

The same is true of us.  The more we put into our relationship every day — personally — the closer we grow to Jesus. 

Do you feel the pull to hold someone else responsible for your spiritual growth?


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  1. Christian on January 24, 2008 at 6:39 am

    Yes! I agree with this words “The more we put into our relationship every day personally the closer we grow to Jesus.” but I do not accept and feel that pulling and holding someone to responsible for our spiritual growth.

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