CNLP 089: Brian Houston On Hillsong and the Ingredients That Have Defined His Leadership

There are few stories like Hillsong and very few leaders who have had the impact that Brian Houston has had.

Carey sat down in person with Brian on a recent Outcry tour stop in Toronto as they discuss the ingredients that have forged Brian into the leader he is today.

Welcome to Episode 89 of the Podcast.
Brian Houston Carey Nieuwhof

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3 Things You Can Do Right Away

Some pastors focus on the growth of the church, but Brian focuses on the health of the church, because you can’t grow without being healthy. Sometimes to move upward, you have to stay healthy inward. Here are his suggestions for getting on track and keeping up with the pace:

  1. Lift those who give life to the church. Every church has a soul, and if the soul is prosperous, the church will be prosperous. Brian says that the church isn’t just built on the talents of a few, but the sacrifices of many, so the primary goal of the church is to feed the spirit of the people. Keep on lifting the ceilings for others. If you want your church to explode, you need to build people around to you help what God’s called you to do.
  1. Look past personal insecurities. You can’t be threatened by someone’s success or talent. There is security in surrounding yourself with gifted people. “I’ll be more threatened by someone’s heart if it’s not in the right place,” Brian says. If you can tap into the golden people, it only helps you do what you’re called to do.
  1. Promote the right people. When people leave your church, it isn’t the end of the world, though it may sting a little. Focus on those who do want to be there. Recognize and promote those who are called to do something bigger in the church, and call onto their talents.

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CNLP 089: Brian Houston On Hillsong and the Ingredients That Have Defined His Leadership


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  2. […] CNLP 089: Brian Houston On Hillsong and the Ingredients That Have Defined His Leadership […]

  3. Brandon on June 20, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Hey Carey, I tried playing the audio from this episode and it’s not playing for me. The download button takes me to a 404 Error page. Anything to adjust on your end? Would love to hear these insights. Thanks!

  4. gary on May 24, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    I love listening to your Podcasts, and I will listen to this one, but I have to be honest: I have a hard time trusting anything that Brian Houston has to say due to the fact that he plain faced lied to everyone last year when he allowed Mark Driscoll to have space during one of his gatherings. Mark has yet to own up to the things he did while at Mars Hill, he possibly was involved in illegal activity, and he has never fully apologized in person to the specific people he wronged. I have a very hard time trusting a leader who would allow someone such as this to have a voice in the Church.

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