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CNLP 053: How Evangelism and Apologetics Are Changing–Interviews with Ravi Zacharias, Nabeel Qureshi, Alycia Wood and Margaret Manning

How do you share your faith in a world in which people seem to be losing interest in Christianity?

In this special episode, Carey interviews four leading apologists, including Ravi Zacharias, about how apologetics is changing and what to do next.

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Podcast.

Ravi Zacharias and Carey Nieuwhof

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Nabeel Qureshi on Facebook

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

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Things You Can Do Right Away

How do Christians equip themselves to share their faith in a rapidly changing world? Ravi Zacharias and his team tell leaders how to defend their faith through relationships and conversation:

  1. Answer a question with a question. Ravi said he followed the examples of Jesus and found that He was often asked questions. Questions bring the point of the conversation into focus and determine the entry point of the discussion. They allow you to understand where someone is coming from, how they make their judgments and whether they’re willing to give that prerogative to another person. Behind every question is a questioner, so look at the existing reality, because there’s always a reason for the question.
  2. Don’t be shy about your faith. In other parts of the world, if you are Caucasian, people already assume you’re a Christian, so represent Christ well. When you talk about Christ with others, see them as people. Get to know them and have a conversation. When you start to build a relationship, take that path, and don’t feel as though you have to shy away from conversations about faith because you think it may get awkward.
  3. Have a conversation, not a confrontation. When you start to mention God in conversation, walls go up. People have genuine reasons to be resistant to God that stem from previous pains or interactions, so start by honoring their feelings and talk about what Christ is truly like. You’ll get hit with questions in regard to science, philosophy and common sense, but that’s your opportunity to unpack why we trust in the Bible and how Jesus meets the deepest needs of each one of us. Help others understand the bigger picture, the context. Allow them to see that love is the consistent factor in our faith. When it comes time for the Gospel, when God opens those doors, people can walk into it because of what they’ve seen from you.
  4. Listen to the stories of others. When people ask apologetic questions, there’s always a story behind that. Get to the story before you start sharing your faith, because people want to be heard, and people want to be known. They need the assurance that you’re not just out to make another convert. They want to know that you love them, care for them and that you’re interested in them. Remember, there’s always a questioner behind the question. Keep in mind that it’s ok if you don’t know the answer to everything . That’s acceptable, and people will respect that. There’s an assumption that Christians know every answer on the spot, but if you honor the question and the person asking, do a little research and come back to it. There’s always a way to come back to conversations and know how people come to their conclusions.

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1 Comment

  1. Zachary Verbracken on September 18, 2015 at 11:10 am

    Loving this episode. I’m a little less than an hour in and I had to take a break because it’s stretching my thinking and I need time to process everything.

    I love the diversity of topics on this podcast. This is an aspect that many church leaders could use some improvement in- I know I can!

    I appreciate that hard questions are being asked. I think as Pastors, we often underestimate the types of questions people wrestle with relating to scripture and faith.

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