Alli Worthington coached business leaders and ministry leaders through the crisis of 2020. She shares the mindset and actions the leaders who made progress in 2020 adopted and the mindset and action those who floundered embraced.

She also talks about why you can have too many cheerleaders around you, and how to overcome negative thinking.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey talks about 5 small-thinking mindsets that will stunt your growth.

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5 Small-Thinking Mindsets That Stunt Your Church’s Potential by Carey Nieuwhof

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1. Your mindset will make or break you (especially in 2020)

So many leaders discount the importance of mindset in leadership. 2020 has only amplified leaders with helpful or not-helpful mindsets. As a consultant, Alli has seen that leaders with pessimistic mindsets have really struggled this year, and leaders with positive mindsets have survived and thrived.

2. As a content creator, empathy and feedback are critical

In 2020 and 2021, people only have time for content that is helpful and relevant right now. So, as you write, it is more important than ever to empathize with your audience. If you hit the mark of what your audience needs, your content will be well-received. If you miss, it will fall completely flat.

3. Your staff should have a healthy balance of slow adopters and cheerleaders

There are 3 types of people that you are surrounded by as a leader: Naysayers, cheerleaders and slow adopters. When you are building your staff, include slow adopters and cheerleaders. When recruiting a board, find slow adopters only. You don’t need naysayers anywhere in your organization.

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Next Episode: Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley returns to the podcast and breaks down the process he uses to make decisions, why he moved to team-based decision making as a young leader, and what the limits of gut-based decision making are. Andy walks leaders through five questions that will help them make better decisions and have fewer regrets, and explains how leaders can stop lying to themselves and make better decisions as a result.

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CNLP 388: Alli Worthington on What Successful Leaders Did to Thrive in the Crisis, How Cheerleaders Can Harm You as a Leader, and Overcoming Negative Thinking


  1. Ericka Dunn on December 30, 2020 at 10:27 am

    I think you very much,,My Team Leader,,& Glory to God for this fine day,, and Thank you for Leading me back home and I need alot of guidance,, from all Leaders and Misters and your right,, I need help with my drug addiction,,& I know I will be a great mister,,see on 2-28-2017,,I was with so much demon and wicked spirits,, and I ran into the unknown church and,,my skin was gray and my eyes were black and,,I just dove to my knees,, and this visiting preacher from another church and he told me to repeat after him,,& I felt a little of the holy spirit and I talked in tongues a little,, and then my eyes came back the color and my skin & I left the church happy & then I was singing on the way home & I spoke again, in tongues,, and cought the holy spirit and almost ran off the road and then I went home and & I got on my knees and I redeem my self and I got up and,,I asked God father I am,, I asked for a relationship with father God I am & his son jesus christ and I held my hands up in the air and I spoke to Father God i am & jesus & I spoke with them for over an hour & I spoke in tongues again and then all a sutten this warm mist & you could see it ,,it was the most incredible feeling I ever fell in my life,, and I use to be so hateful before I was saved and 2-28-2017 ,,I forgave everyone that hurt me,,& I was so happy to be alive and serving are Heavenly father’s ,, and it was like , the messages from God’s Messagers,, that said to me,,signs and wonder’s shell fallow me,,& it’s all a sutten wicked spirits was all around me,, and it’s like I had the power to rebuke and cast out, wicked and demons, spirits. & I couldn’t understand why I seen the things,,no person in this world,, should ever see in there life’s,, & my neighbors vedio tape this white light,, came down over the three’s,,& this red light just zoom down in my window,, and it was like a Demon and it was trying to have sexs with me,, and I grabbed this wood brass Cross,, and it was welded to the r.v. and I didn’t know we’re my strength came from,,& I cast & rebuke,,& I said words from my whole heart and my faith and the Demon disappeared,, and then I just cast & rebuke & I put my hands on drunk people,, and made them sober and it’s my voice of my words of my preaching,,that draws people to hear my knowledge,of the greatest on condition love ,, from Father God i am & jesus christ,, it’s so awesome,

  2. Clayton Bell on December 29, 2020 at 4:06 pm

    Can you comment on the people pollster? What is that? That sounded really interesting…

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