CNLP 201: Joshua Gagnon Interviews Carey Nieuwhof on Crazy Risks, What Carey Would Change about the High Impact Leader and Whether it’s Working for Him Now, and What He’s Doing Next

In this special episode, Joshua Gagnon, Pastor of Next Level Church, interviews Carey for his podcast and talks about a crazy stupid risk Carey took almost three years ago, what he would change now about the High Impact Leader (and how it’s really working for him) and what’s next for Carey. We play that interview back for you right here.

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The High Impact Leader

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Insights from This Episode

1. So many leaders need help getting their life and leadership back

On the other side of launching The High Impact Leader, Carey realized the problem he set out to solve was worse than he originally thought. It quickly became clear that more people needed help managing their roles in leadership than he had projected.

The High Impact Leader is a course created to help people thrive in life and leadership. The solution is easier than most would think. Though there’s no quick fix, one-way prescription, the program is universally applicable for leaders who are ready to change, get healthy and live out the lives God’s called for them.

2. God is faithful when you have an abundance mindset

Jumping out in faith isn’t easy. When you feel God calling you to make a change it may sound crazy to others, but His faithfulness won’t let you down. Keep an abundance mindset and don’t let fear get in the way. Push through the doubt and let God provide.

Quotes from This Episode

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CNLP 201: Joshua Gagnon Interviews Carey Nieuwhof on Crazy Risks, What Carey Would Change about the High Impact Leader and Whether it’s Working for Him Now, and What He’s Doing Next

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