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Energy Boost

"I’m so bored of little gods
    While standing on the edge of something large."

                – David Crowder

So Toni and I are leaving tonight to go to Atlanta for a couple of weeks.  So it’s that crazy "work twice as hard before you go and work twice as hard when you get back to make up for being away" kind of deal.

I woke up exhausted today. My temptation was to run into the office at 6:30 a.m. and just plow through all the writing I need to do for Connexus before I leave (some key documents and oh, yeah, that preaching stuff that’s going to ROCK in May). But I took some time with my one year Bible and took some time to pray.  Then I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 30 minutes, iPod on and David Crowder loud.  At first, I thought "there’s no way I can run for half an hour".  But the end, my pulse was racing, I increased my top run speed and I felt great.  Fantastic.

Martin Luther said it well hundreds of years ago when he said "I have so much to do today I can’t imagine not praying for 3 hours before my day begins."  I wasn’t at the three hour mark today (or most days, honestly), but he’s so onto the right stuff.  God gives you energy.  Incredible energy.  And since I’m sure Martin Luther chopped wood or something and I mostly eat chop suey, the treadmill thing is more necessary in my life than in his.

God gives me energy (incredible energy).  Fitness gives me energy (admittedly this is very new in my life).  And people give me energy. I get particularly energized by volunteers who are on-mission and living it out and leaders in general who are sold out to the cause of Christ.

I’m excited to be able to share some talks this year at the Orange and Drive Conferences in Atlanta.  The leadership community that gathers for those events is nothing short of dynamite.  I would appreciate your prayers for Toni and I as we head out, for our Connexus team here (great things are lined up for the next two weekends here at home — don’t miss them!!) and for those from Connexus heading down, for all the speakers at the events and for the leaders who will gather. I’ll blog the happenings. In the meantime, I continue to pray this:  God, move.

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