Critics and Creators

Everybody’s got critics. Every day I see people who feel it’s their God-given mission to tear down:

Other leaders they disagree with

The world (for which Jesus died, I believe)

People they don’t like


Anyone who upset them

But consider this.  Very few people I know and admire and who are admired by others spend big chunks of their time criticizing others.   In fact, the leaders in most communities, movements and organizations spend very little time criticizing others. Why?  They are too busy creating. They spend their hours creating great things:

Advancing movements

Creating culture

Building organizations

Investing in people

Changing lives

Leading ministries

If you are really engaged in creating, you don’t have much time left over for criticism.

Maybe criticism is a way of advancing yourself in the eyes of others.  But seriously, fifty years from now, history will likely not focus on the great critics of our day.  It will focus on those who created what shaped our day.

And sometimes I wonder if the critics spend their time criticizing because they aren’t really creating anything of value.  If you’re not bringing much to the table, why not just criticize those who are?

So how are you going to spend your day?  Criticizing or creating?


  1. Carey on March 4, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Chris…thanks for the insights. Great thoughts. I love the way you tie it into actions speaking louder than words. So true.

  2. chris on March 3, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    critics think by their words they contribute something important to the world | creators think by their actions they contribute something important to the world | it is said that actions speak louder than words so is it safe to say critics can say all they want but it is evident they won’t really have influence except with those that share they same qualities of vocal inaction…

    great perspective | everyone is a critic some use their words to attempt to solve a problem they observe others will use their actions to attempt to solve a problem they observe

    i sure hope i stay focused on moving forward & not allow my attempt to change what i see diminish to mere words of ‘what if…’

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