CNLP Preview: A Sneak Peak Into What Top Leaders Are Saying About Leadership Today

Ever wish you could have a conversation with top leaders about the issues that matter most in day to day leadership?

So do I.

Which is why I’m launching my new leadership podcast.

That’s exactly what it’s about, and it’s designed to help you lead like never before.

Today I have sneak peak episode preview for you featuring short clips with some of the leaders you’ll hear from in the first few months of the podcast. Just scroll to the bottom or jump on over to iTunes to listen.

And some new artwork for the podcast below. Hope you like it…thank for ALL the input from earlier subscribers. This was your fave hands down.


Clips From Top Leaders

In today’s episode, you’ll hear clips from Andy Stanley, Casey Graham, Jeff Henderson, Ron Edmondson, Rich Birch and more.

I hope this gives you a preview of some of the great conversations to come!


Episode 1 with Andy Stanley Launches Tuesday, September 9th

The first episode, featuring a 30 minute interview with Andy Stanley, goes live next Tuesday, September 9th.

In it, Andy talks about

  • how he keeps growing as a leader
  • where his message ideas come from
  • why he thinks North Point has been so successful
  • his view on other communicators re-preaching his series and content
  • how he’s had to adapt his ministry approach to a changing culture.

It’s a fascinating conversation I think you and your team will love.


Subscribed Yet?

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The podcast will also make it’s way to Stitcher (soon)  and will always be on this blog as well, including (starting next week) with full show notes outlining every link and resource mentioned in the podcast.

And to everyone who has left a rating and review, thank you!

If you haven’t but would like to leave a rating and review, I’d be so grateful. Your ratings and reviews help the podcast get seen by more people.

For all of you helping us to get the word out, thank you! Your work helped us get to #1 on iTunes in the US and Canada last week.  Here’s a screen shot from the US iTunes store last week. Amazing. 🙂

US iTunes Debut

Anything else you’d like to see on the podcast?

I’m open! Leave a comment.

In the meantime, have a listen to today’s preview.


  1. Nef Lopez on July 24, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Glad to see that I still can go back to this podcast. In I-Podcast I can only go back to 2 years ago

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