CNLP Intro: The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast Introduction

Welcome to the first preview episode of my new Leadership Podcast!

In this ten minute teaser episode (scroll to the bottom or just jump to iTunes), I share the heart behind why I’m doing the podcast, what to expect AND I reveal the guest list for the first few months of episodes. I’m so pumped. 🙂


Your Early Response Has Blown Me Away! Really!

Wow! You blew me away. Seriously.

Because of YOUR support and YOUR awesomeness (and of course, because of God’s incredible grace), the podcast debuted at #1 in iTunes in the US and in Canada in both the Christianity and Religion and Spirituality categories. 

It even broke the Top 50 of ALL podcasts in the US and cracked the Top 10 of ALL podcasts in Canada. 

Are you kidding me?

Here’s the screen shot from the US iTunes rankings this week in Religion and Spirituality.

US iTunes Debut

This completely blew away all my expectations.

And it happened because

  1. You listened.
  2. You subscribed
  3. You shared.
  4. Some of you left (very kind) ratings and reviews (23 in the US iTunes store and 9 in the Canadian store – sweet!)

So you know how this works right? When someone is searching for Oprah or Buddhism, they find my podcast now too. And that’s a great thing for the Kingdom. Crazy!

What’s doubly nuts is we haven’t even really started yet. Episode 001 with Andy Stanley goes live on iTunes on Tuesday, September 9th.

So thank you. Really.

It’s Just Beginning

We haven’t got this all figured out by any stretch. So can you give this episode a listen? And let me know (in the comments):

Is the audio quality clear?

What do you think of the opener and closer?

Do you like the projected length?

Any guests you’d love to hear from?

A New Episode on Tuesday…Then the Debut

This Tuesday, September 2nd, I’ll release a second preview teaser episode with interview highlights. It’s a sneak peak of some of the amazing conversations to come.

And then the BIG debut happens on iTunes on Tuesday, September 9th when I release Episode 001—an interview with Andy Stanley.

All I can say is thanks.

The goal? To help you lead like never before.

You guys blew me away. It’s so amazing to be doing this together.

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