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Classic Rock

I’ve just started two books this week by two guys named Tom.  One is Tommy Newberry’s The 4:8 Principle. It’s all about joy found in Phillipians 4:8, but I feel like I’m reading an infomercial.  Hey — no punch intended.  Tommy’s a good guy, a Christian and all that, and it’s a New York Time’s Best seller.  I’ve benefited from some of Newberry’s time management strategy introduced to my by a pastor I know.  It’s just I feel like I’m reading something that’s so in the moment.

My other Tom book was written like, 600 years ago.  I’m really digging Thomas A Kempis‘  The Imitation of Christ.  This Tom has no blog, no personal web page. He’d never even seen a printing press.  But I love him.  Rich, deep, influential beyond millenia, its a book my world needs.  One of the most influential Christian devotional books ever published. Seriously.

Thomas is classic.  He’s written a spiritual rock.  That’s what I need, classic rock for my mind.

Okay, my insomnia is ending (the sleeping pill is kicking in), and I am going to bed so I can be fresh for H-Bomb.  Excited to pull that trigger tomorrow at Connexus.

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  1. june stables on January 14, 2008 at 11:39 am

    I absolutely agree Carey. Daily spending time with God in his word is the best way to get to know him more intimately. He has proven that to all who give it their best try. One of my favorite God time books is the book of Psalms and most especially Psalm 119 which is the longest but has so much in it to draw one to his presence. Anyone who wants to get blessed should definitely try it and will not be disappointed. God is waiting to meet you there.

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