Learn the Secrets Behind Chick-fil-A’s Marketing

In this free Masterclass, you’ll go under the hood of Chick-fil-A’s marketing with their SVP of Restaurant Experience, David Farmer.

What’s Included?

  • 3 on-demand videos sessions:
    • Chick-fil-A’s Definition of Marketing (And Why Yours Should Be Similar)
    • Using Constraints to Work For You, Not Against You
    • Innovation and Technology as a Cornerstone for Future Marketing
  • An action plan for you to start using these strategies in your organization

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You want to learn how to market your organization, but knowing where to start is difficult.

There’s an overwhelming number of marketing channels and strategies, which makes it difficult to know which ones will work best for you. You could spend hours reading blog posts and watching videos, or you could learn from an expert who has already done the research for you.

In this 3-part on-demand series with David Farmer and Carey Nieuwhof, you’ll learn the secrets behind Chick-fil-A’s marketing success. Discover how they’ve been able to grow year after year, and how you can apply their same techniques to your own organization.

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Hi, I’m Carey Nieuwhof.

Throughout my 25+ years in ministry, I’ve learned there are far too many unanswered questions leaders face when it comes to leading a church.

It’s intimidating and confusing to try to figure out how to create a healthy church culture, break attendance growth barriers, preach more engaging sermons, lead and develop a team, and much, much more.

I’ve also realized we’re not alone in our struggles. There are common challenges that hold back tens of thousands of churches from reaching more people with the hope of the Gospel. Just because some have learned these lessons through trial-and-error doesn’t mean you have to.

You can learn it the hard way, or you can join me and other top experts who have figured out so much of what they never teach you in seminary. 

Stop wasting time on failed marketing efforts.
Learn strategies that work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will it help?

The Click-Fil-A Marketing Secrets Masterclass will show you how to connect with your audience and create content that gets noticed.

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Yes, this resource is 100% free. No strings attached.