CCLP Bonus 005: Rich Birch, Jeff Brodie and Carey Nieuwhof on Caring for the Leader’s Soul

This special bonus episode features a leadership session with Rich Birch, Jeff Brodie and Carey Nieuwhof at the 2017 Canadian Church Leaders Conference. They discuss the personal side of church leadership and how to care for the leader’s soul to prevent burnout and moral failure. 

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Welcome to Bonus Episode 005 of the podcast, which you can access on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Canadian Church Leaders Conference

Compassion Canada

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A Mission Partner

Freddy, Carey & Merly – Guatemala 2017

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Insights from This Episode

1. Recognize that anyone is capable of failing 

When others burn out or fail morally, often our hearts go straight to a place of judgement. Instead, take that time to evaluate yourself. Are you being disciplined in your own spiritual, emotional and physical health? Do you have a core person or small group who you can be fully transparent with and who can hold you accountable for your choices? We must recognize that anyone is capable of failing if they are not taking the time to take care of themselves.

2. Preserve time with your family at all cost

There will always be people who need something from you, but you can’t let that get in the way of quality time with your family. Preserve those relationships at all cost. Yes, it’s easier to say than do, but it’s a must for both your personal health and the health of the ones who love you most.

Quotes from This Episode

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February Episode: Jeff Lockyer

Jeff Lockyer is the lead pastor of Southridge Community Church, a multi-site missional community across the Niagara Region of Ontario, and the Board Chair of Willow Creek Association Canada.  He talks about leadership, change in the church, and how to impact your community.

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CCLP Bonus 005: Rich Birch, Jeff Brodie and Carey Nieuwhof on Caring for the Leader’s Soul

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