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7 Things Senior Leaders Love That Everyone Else Hates

It’s funny. Senior leaders love things that other people often don’t. If you’re a senior leader, you might recognize yourself in this post. That would be a good thing. If you’re not the senior leader, you might read this post and think “Absolutely! This is so obvious! Why on earth doesn’t my (dumb) boss get it?”…

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CNLP 217: Andy Stanley on How to Share Your Faith in a Post-Christian World, How to Respond to Your Critics, Overcoming His Judgementalism and the Irresistibility of Love

Andy Stanley outlines the argument he makes in his new book, Irresistible, and coaches leaders on how to have conversations with Christians who have walked away from their faith as well as atheists who have never believed. Andy also talks about how he had to overcome judgementalism in his own faith journey, and talks openly…

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5 [New] Character Rules Every Leader Should Follow

Character has always been important, but it seems like it’s never been as important as it is now. There have been far too many stories of church leaders, business leaders, politicians, athletes and other public figures whose private walk has not measured up to their public talk and whose integrity has been far less than…

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