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8 Ways Church Leaders Can Use Periscope to Aid Your Mission

Today’s guest post on Periscope is by Rich Birch of and the Unseminary Podcast.  Rich was also a guest on Episode 8 of my podcast. Scroll down the bottom to learn more about Rich and get a free ministry magazine with some of Rich’s best content.  ____ Periscope is a live video-streaming app for iOS and Android smartphones. Twitter purchased…

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The Pros and Cons of a Celebrity Pastor Culture

Without a doubt, we live in a celebrity culture. It’s interesting that we can be fascinated with people we’ll never meet and who likely have little desire to meet us. But we are. And in the last decade, celebrity culture has taken hold in the church. The burning question: is it good for us?  …

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Converting On-Line to Real Life

I’ve been married in real life to the same amazing woman for twenty years.  We met in person, not online.  Only eight people were on the internet in 1990.   We weren’t two of them. But this weekend I’m preaching on the difference between on-line and real life relationship as part of our Like Me series.…

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What I Learned from My Social Media Fast

So I feel like I emerged from a cave yesterday when I came out of a five day social media fast.  How do I feel?  Like the rest of the world gets around by sports car and I got handed a wagon with a broken wheel and no horse. My rules were simple:  communicate with…

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