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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Copy a Mega-Church

If someone asked you who you’re following in today’s church landscape, you could probably answer with a list of 3-5 church leaders and perhaps 3-5 organizations to whom you’re paying close attention. Even if you say you don’t have a list, chances are you do. Your list might simply consist of critics of mega-church leaders or mega-churches. We all…

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6 Keys to Breaking the 200, 400 and 800 Attendance Barriers

While there’s a lot of ‘sensitivity’ around the subject of large churches v. smaller churches, the reality is many church leaders I know sincerely want to reach more people. Which means, in the end, they are hoping their church will grow. Surprisingly, only a tiny percentage of churches ever make it past 200 people in…

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Young Leader Mistake #3: Inadequate Leadership Development

Most things don’t start big. They start small. While we all want to see our mission and organization grow, nothing stunts the growth of a ministry faster than inadequate leadership development. It’s a mistake almost every young leader makes. I did..and honestly, as much as our church has grown, I feel like I’m still learning…

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21 Leadership and Life Lessons I Learned from Reggie Joiner

I have been at the Orange Conference 2013 this week in Atlanta. If you’ve never been you’re missing out. This is not an unbiased account, just so you know. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Reggie over a number of years. We have written together, traveled together and spoken together. But more than that, he’s…

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9 Signs Your Church Is Ready to Reach Unchurched People

  Almost every church I know says they want to reach unchurched people. But few are actually doing it. Part of the problem stems from the fact that many churches don’t really understand unchurched people (here’s a post on 15 characteristics of today’s unchurched person). And part of the problem is that our model of…

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15 Characteristics of Today's Unchurched Person

If you’re like many Christians, you have an authentic desire to share your faith with people who don’t yet follow Jesus. I know I do. One of my deepest longings is that every person would come to know the love and salvation that Jesus extends to them. Our vision at Connexus, where I serve as…

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