5 Things Millennials Are Looking For In a Church

One of the questions almost every church leader I know is asking is “How do we reach Millennials?”—that demographic of young adults now in their mid-twenties to age 40. It’s a great question. They’re hardly kids anymore. They’re today’s adults. And many churches have missed them altogether. One of the primary missions of every generation of church leaders…

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copy a mega-church

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Copy a Mega-Church

If someone asked you who you’re following in today’s church landscape, you could probably answer with a list of 3-5 church leaders and perhaps 3-5 organizations to whom you’re paying close attention. Even if you say you don’t have a list, chances are you do. Your list might simply consist of critics of mega-church leaders or mega-churches. We all…

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Do These 3 Selfish Leadership Motivations Describe You?

I wish I could remember who it was, but years ago someone told me that accumulation and success has a cycle. More Better Different This is true among the rich, but–stay tuned–it also has application for leaders. Here’s how it looks when it comes to wealth. As soon as you see it, you’ll recognize this…

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Stoked About Sunday?

So it’s tempting as we head into the weekend to say things like "so stoked about Sunday" or "so pumped about our next (fill in the blank for the service or event here).  But why are we stoked? Are we excited: because we’re speaking? because we organized the event? because we’re trying to get or…

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What Happened Christmas Eve

So we rolled with our Christmas Eve services and I think our Service Programming team (the sweet team that creates our services) did a great job straddling the tension between giving people what they want and delivering what people need.  As last week’s post pointed out, Christmas is an especially tough service to plan. So…

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