How and Why the Future Church Can Thrive

Need some hope? It’s easy to get discouraged about the future of the church. While the world seems to be falling apart, so does the church. Attendance in many places is shrinking, not growing. Even committed Christians are attending less often (here’s why). And young leaders aren’t exactly flocking into ministry. And often we shoot…

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7 Ways Great Leaders Handle Their Mistakes

Blown it lately? Haven’t we all? Somewhere, somehow, some way, we mess up. Reguarly. Despite our best intentions. It’s tempting to think top leaders become great at what they do because they make very few mistakes. Surprinsgly, what makes leaders great is not that they stop making mistakes. What makes them great is how they…

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death of news

The Death of News, Re-Tribalization and The Future Church

I had a sobering wake-up call this week. Several of the major local newspapers in my region ceased publishing this week, forever. The decline of the newspaper has been happening for years. Once-independent papers were bought up by major syndicates, downsized and trimmed, but despite all the changes, they just couldn’t find a way to be…

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CNLP 168: John Ortberg on The Problem with Hurry in Leadership, Why So Many Leaders Struggle With Intimacy and His Friendship with Dallas Willard

So many busy leaders struggle with intimacy in their marriages, in friendships and in their relationship with God. John Ortberg talks about why that is, how to address it and we also unpack his decades-long friendship with Dallas Willard and how his writings and life continue to impact so many. Welcome to Episode 168 of…

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