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judgmental Christians

5 Ways Judgmental Christians Are Killing Your Church

Judged anyone lately? Sadly, the answer for most of us (including me) is… yes. From the guy who cut you off in traffic, to the off-beat person who’s not picking up the social cues you’re sending, to your weed-smoking neighbour… it’s so easy to judge.  And judgment just gets worse from there. It’s the basis…

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5 Things Netflix Is Showing Church Leaders About the Future

Netflix and other on-demand video providers, have already changed the culture more than you think. And they’ve probably changed you more than you think. Remember the good old days, back in say, 2007,  when people would gather around a set together to watch a TV show live when it was first broadcast? Barely, right? Whenever culture shifts, church…

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8 Leadership Lessons from Facebook's First Decade

Facebook has been around for a decade now. Imagine that. It’s changed the way hundreds of millions of people live every day, and whether you’re on Facebook or not, it’s impacted how you live. While the stats are interesting and still a bit staggering, the first decade of Facebook also gives us leadership insights into…

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Revivals Are Dead: 5 Things That Will Never Be the Same Again

You might think “things will never be the same again” is a conversation reserved for people over 70. But my guess is you’re struggling with that in ministry leadership right now. Even if you don’t realize it. And you’re probably struggling with it more than you think. Wise leaders pay attention to those instincts and…

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5 Trends You Won't Be Able to Dismiss in 2014

Sometimes you can dismiss a trend as a fad. Like Crocs, the Harlem Shake, or flash mobs.  At other times to dismiss a trend is just a mistake. As in every era, some of today’s trends will become tomorrow’s reality. Innovative leaders aren’t afraid to embrace change and to be some of the first in on…

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7 Things You Can Learn About Change from the Launch of iOS7

It happens every time Apple launches a new iOS (its basic mobile operating system). People complain.    The old icons were better.   The new design is hard to use. The colours are weird.    It’s ugly. The font is too think/thick/visible/invisible. Then, inevitably, they ask: Why do they have to keep changing things? It’s not just…

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