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CNLP 163: Erwin McManus on Living Fully Alive, Tackling Your Fears, Dealing with Critics and Creating Space For People Not Like You

Erwin McManus talks about his diagnosis of cancer, facing fear and how to deal with criticism.  In this wide-ranging and fascinating conversation, he also talks about being branded a heretic, creating a church where atheists get baptized and people from widely divergent views and walks of life find a home. Welcome to Episode 163 of…

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CNLP 157: Jon Acuff on What It Takes for You To Finish What You Start, Finding Your Career Path and The Rhythms and Routines That Make People Successful

New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff is back on the podcast to talk about research he did about why some people finish their goals when most people don’t. In this wide-ranging interview, Carey also deconstructs some of the rhythms and routines that have made Jon successful. Finally, Jon offers some challenging public speaking advice…

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Do You Know What's Holding Your Leadership Back?

Almost any problem can be overcome if leaders become aware of what the problem is. Then at least you have a shot at handling it. But what if you can’t see the problem? What if the thing that’s holding you back is inside you and barely visible to you? There are 7 things that consistently…

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An Effective Way To Renew Passion Many Leaders Miss

Most of us would love passion to fuel our life and work every day. That’s always how it starts, right? When you begin something, it’s pretty much all passion. Whether you’ve felt a call into ministry, you’re starting a new job, you’re toying with a new idea, or you’re even beginning a new relationship, passion…

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5 Signs It's Time to Move On

So you’re frustrated in your job, ministry or organization. In my last post, I argued that many people leave their jobs for the wrong reasons. In fact, I think many people leave before their critical breakthrough. And I strongly believe that people who don’t persevere never break through the wall that most limits their personal…

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Why The World Won't End Today

  So were the Mayans right? Is today really the last day of the world? Well, no. I’ll explain why in a moment. But first, the Mayans created quite a buzz, didn’t they? In fact, any time there’s semi-serious talk of the world ending, people talk about it. Having released a book recently, I’ve spent…

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