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Catching Up

Got into Orlando Thursday night and had a great connection with the Orange Team.  Man, I love working with Reggie Joiner and a whole team of people who are both so passionate about families and so incredibly strategic about it.  They challenge and sharpen me all the time.

I’m really looking forward to meeting the church leaders who are gathering here for the opening leg of the Orange Tour this weekend. I honestly believe that family ministry is the biggest opportunity to reach people the church has.  Period.  Can’t wait to talk about that and learn from so many who are already engaged in leveraging their time as church leaders to help families raise their kids spiritually and morally.  Reggie, thanks for being such a visionary leader and carrying such an important torch!

It was a surprise and a treat to get in tonight and see the post on the Connexus Blog from Jeff Henderson of Buckhead Church in Atlanta wishing us well at Connexus.  Jeff is a leader I have such incredible respect and admiration for (check out his 2008 book list!).  He has so capably led Buckhead church…and his influence has been felt far beyond those walls. Thanks Jeff! 

Tonight, I feel so grateful to be a small part of such a great team back home (miss you guys already) and on the road.  God is so good. 

Gotta go to bed.  Appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we gather Friday and Saturday, and then I fly back home to be ready for more H Bomb on Sunday.   

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