CNLP Bonus 006: #AskCarey Part 5

Your questions are the best questions.

We’re back with another bonus episode of Ask Carey. Scroll down to see what questions I tackle this episode: it’s everything from how to grow a church, dealing with ‘committee-led’ churches, and how to engage volunteers.

Welcome to Ask Carey Part 5.

PS. We also have some isolated mystery static in this podcast. Who knows where that came from? We decided to air it anyway. If you can identify the source, you get bonus points. We’re stumped!

Ask Carey

Questions Featured in this Episode

3:12 How do you implement the ideas in a “committee-led” church, where the pastor has little authority, the congregants are aged and resistant to change.

6:05 How do you cast vision so that getting volunteers is easier? (From Conversation #4 in the book.) I want to be able to bring along those high-capacity leaders, and I need help getting them to see the vision.

8:21 How can you strike a balance between having experienced people on a church board and wanting to get younger people in leadership positions?

9:38 What are the best practices for delegating to volunteers and having them own that area? If a church has been hitting a ceiling of 400 for 20 years and never breaking it, what areas should they look at to assess where the issue is?

13:50 How do you lead your church to have these powerful conversations (from Lasting Impact) when there is not an immediate or obvious need to do so?

16:54 How do you determine the next best step in navigating conversations with your board? How do you wake up your fellow leaders to conversations that are coming down the pike in 2 or 3 years?

19:31 Any tips for a conversation about our mainline denomination church and moving forward into the future when we have a stodgy, traditional service? We’re not going to be contemporary, but would like to be more modern to reflect the current expectations.

22:51 I am the pastor of two very small congregation churches in a rural area in western Oklahoma. The population is finite, and the economy is not particularly robust. While we’d like the numbers to grow, we really want to reach younger people. How?

25:13 What is the best way to navigate cultural change from a small church mindset to a large church way of thinking?

28:03 How do you balance wanting to see people engage in their journey with Christ with today’s cultural attitude toward attending church?

31:50 How do you make decisions within your staff?

33:23 Coming on staff as an associate campus pastor, how do you establish clarity for the staff on leadership roles?

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CNLP Bonus 006: #AskCarey Part 5


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  2. Brian Cunnington on January 15, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Always an enriching experience to listen to and engage with your podcasts Carey – this one was no exception – great questions and great responses.

    A few comments to add to Susan’s question at 19:31. I hope in these comments I’m not being too defensive, although I must confess to being a ‘cusper’ having been born right on the great divide between the ‘traditionalist generation’ and the ‘boomer generation’ – but such is my life.

    Oftentimes ‘traditionalists’ and ‘early boomers’ are viewed in the image of those two elderly gentlemen sitting up in the balcony in the Muppet’s Show – doing nothing more than sucking up valuable oxygen that others could make better use of. Many of those in ‘my generation’ have struggled with the same questions being asked in this podcast and have been doing so since our early teenage years. Many of us have struggled with implementing institutional change in a wide variety of settings including the local church. Many of us have wrestled with mission and vision statements, and their associated implementation strategies – sometimes quite effectively and sometimes not so effectively. Many of us have been deeply involved in the vast and still expanding sociological literature on generational trends and cultural shifts – long before Alvin Toffler’s ‘Culture Shock’ became the new buzzword. Many of us continue to wrestle with the tension between just attracting people to walk through the front doors of our churches and effectively engaging those people in the mission of God in their own families and local communities. Over the years, many of us have experimented with a long succession of gimmicky tricks and fads, only to find that people quickly saw through the facades and their lack of genuine authenticity. While the rate of change is admittedly accelerating, sometimes at a breath-taking rate, many of us know that systemic change is essential to effective life in any institution.

    My point to Susan’s question is: few of ‘us’ resist change just for the sake of resisting change, just as few of ‘you’ want change just for the sake of change. We might be a little suspicious of superficial cosmetic tweaks masquerading as real change – because we’ve been badly burned before. But many of us really want the local church to be an effective witness to what God is doing in and for our world. Please don’t view ‘us’ as uniformed and inexperienced bumpkins, and we promise not to view ‘you’ as irresponsible radicals. We need to learn to listen to each other, and then we need to learn to talk with each other. So let’s not do an end-run around each other — let’s engage together about the mission, vision, and values of the church and how we can most wisely, faithfully, and effectively implement God’s dream in and for the world that we share together. Blessings to you Susan.

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