CNLP Bonus 005: #AskCarey Part 4

You’ve got leadership questions. Chances are, you’re not the only one asking it.

Welcome to another bonus episode of the podcast where I take my best shot at your leadership questions as 2016 launches with all of its promise.

Wel;ome to Ask Carey, Part 4.

Bonus Podcast

Questions Featured in this Episode

2:25 How do you make changes to make worship more appealing to younger generation and the unchurched without alienating older, churched members who are the primary financial support?

6:23 Which of these conversations (from Lasting Impact) would you view as key to having with a core team of a church plant?

9:13 How do I inspire leadership to begin asking these difficult questions (from Lasting Impact) when I am not in a position to lead the conversation myself?

11:41 We’re in rural Alabama, just outside Montgomery, only 80K residents in county. We launched two years ago with a vision to reach the unchurched. But here 70% of people would call themselves “Christian.” What are your thoughts on leading in very small, “churched” context?

14:18 I minister at a church on Prince Edward Island, with an attendance of 100 people on average. The elders are nice men, but older, with a frustrating “small-church” mentality. Every decision must be approved by the board. Any ideas how to change? They want to grow but can’t think differently.

7:03 How do we build ownership on new initiatives? Buy in? (Especially on the volunteer level but also on the leader level.)

21:53 How important is biblical literacy to Christian growth? How do you prioritize it in your congregation?

24:28 Could you speak to those of us who are in situations where change is “painfully slow” and may cost members leaving?

27:44 Could you explain further how engagement will drive attendance in the future? Practically, what can church leaders do to increase engagement?

30:19 How do we effectively deal with long-time power brokers, 6 people, who are trying to round up others in church to “revolt” against the pastor, and people who complain about “it is either her way (pastor’s) or highway,” but are really describing themselves?

32:18 What is your #1 advice for a church that has plateaued?

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