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Today, I wanted to share this conversation that I had with a young leader to watch, Doug Smith. Doug had me as a guest on his podcast L3 Leadership earlier this year and we’re sharing it to celebrate the limited return of The High Impact Leader. I know you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

The High Impact Leader course has helped over 1800 leaders discover how to get time, energy and priorities working in their favor.

Welcome to Bonus Episode 016 of the podcast.

Become a High Impact Leader

I don’t know where you’re at, but my heart is for every leader to get out of the trap of being busy but not productive, of working long hours but producing less than hoped for.

The #1 question other leaders ask me is this: How do you get it all done?

That question is why I’ve created The High Impact Leader Course. In it, I share transferable principles I use that can help you gain up to 1000 more productive hours back each year.

This 10-session online course will show you highly practical, proven strategies on how to finally get time, energy and priorities working in your favour. It includes 10 videos, an online workbook and 10 specific exercises that will help you create a personalized plan to help you get productive and accomplish the things you know are most important, but rarely have time for.

And you can do this without burning out.

The course, which proceeds at your personal pace whenever you’re ready to tackle a unit, is designed to help you:

Get your most important priorities done early in the week, every week.

Spend more of your time at work doing the things that energize you and less time doing the things that drain you.

Invest more of your time with the people who energize you and less time with the people who drain you.

Discover time to finally exercise, pursue a hobby,  launch a blog, start a podcast or write that book.

Actually be OFF when you have a day off.

Be far more focused on your family when you’re with your family.

Learn how to say no nicely, so you can free up time for the things you’re truly called to do.

In short, it’s designed to help get your life and leadership back, or maybe find them for the very first time.

That’s what the High Impact Leader Course is all about: it’s about getting time, energy and priorities working in your favor. It’s about getting your life and leadership back.

Registration for the High Impact Leader Course currently closed. However, join the waiting list to receive a free series of productivity tips.

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The High Impact Leader Course is back for a limited time, visit TheHighImpactLeader.com

3 Insights from This Episode

1. Work on your character first. 

It’s not your competency that’s the lid on your capacity, it’s your character. We all know of leaders who had successful platforms and large audiences, but ended up having an affair or were just unpleasant to be around. Working on your character isn’t something you should do to just make you a more successful leader, but to make you a better spouse, parent, friend and neighbor.

Intentionally working on your character requires lots of self-awareness and prayer. It also means surrounding yourself with great people and giving them permission to speak freely into your life… and having the humility to listen and change.

2. Follow your curiosity. 

When two podcasters get together—there’s going to be talk of podcasting. Doug asked how we conduct interviews on The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, and what advice we have for young leaders wanting to start their own platforms… and the answer is this: Follow your curiosity.

Put yourself in the listeners shoes and think about what your listeners would be interesting in knowing next. It’s the same principle if you have a blog, ask yourself “What will my readers want to know next?” Keep the questions authentic and about your guests’ real life experiences. If you put yourself in your listeners shoes and follow your curiosity, you’ll uncover gems.

3. Time multiplies your decisions.

Live in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow. Do this for all areas of your life: Spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically and financially.

When you’re in your twenties, you feel like everyone is on level ground. You’re graduating, getting first jobs, getting married. But when you’re in your thirties, you start to realize that everyone who made good decisions in their twenties are doing slightly better and the people who didn’t make the best decisions are slightly off course.

In your forties, the gap gets bigger.

In your fifties, it’s a chasm.

Do the hard work in your twenties and thirties, and you’ll be able to reap what you sew.

Quotes from This Episode

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Next Episode: Lance Witt

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CNLP Bonus 016: My Advice For Young Leaders And Developing Your Character With Doug Smith On The L3 Leadership Podcast


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