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CNLP Bonus 013: #AskCarey Part 12—2 Million Downloads Giveaway

Your questions are the best questions.

To celebrate 2 million downloads of the podcast, we’re back with another bonus episode of Ask Carey. Scroll down to see what questions I tackle this episode.

Welcome to Ask Carey Part 12.

And to celebrate and thank YOU, the listeners, between January 1-10th, I’m giving away free Starbucks. You shared. You spread the word. You helped leaders lead like never before, so you win. 🙂

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Ask Carey

Questions Featured in this Episode

1. 04:25: What do you do when you’re in a season of growth? What things do you focus on so that you can sustain that growth and continue to build on that momentum? And what do you focus on and protect so that you don’t blow it at a time of growth?

2. 09:20: I’m 20 years old and was just hired as a full-time Associate Pastor at my church. What are some of the top tips that you would have for a young pastor or leader starting out?

3. 15:00: You did a podcast about church growth barriers, which episode was that? We’re a church of 150 looking to grow to the next level.

4. 19:15: What does a pastor, like myself, who is 57 years old and though I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’m the most theologically stable and even informed about current church culture, I can’t get a church to consider me seriously for a lead pastor position. What does someone like me do who has a calling and a lot to offer, do now? There are no scandals, moral failures or red flags that would mark me as unfit. I would appreciate your thoughts on people like me who still feel like they have a lot in the tank and still want to be involved, but in our youth-driven culture people think of me as over-the-hill, outdated or irrelevant.

5. 25:04: What are two or three ways to make a website more mobile-friendly?

6. 27:55: I’m a Senior Pastor in New York City. What does it mean to talk about a “staff-led” ministry?

7. 32:00: I just read your blog post, 7 Subtle Signs Your Church is Dying, and my heart breaks as I think that I might be watching that happen to my church right before my eyes. My question is: What can I do and how can I help?

8. 35:57: What other forms, other than church, do we listen to a talking head for 30-40 minutes or sing together? Does this mean the church should radically change how we do things? Or should we continue to be outliers in our culture?

Links Mentioned

Starbucks Giveaway: Follow Carey on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and keep an eye out for the random giveaways over the next 10 days!

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CNLP Bonus 013: #AskCarey Part 12—2 Million Downloads Giveaway


  1. 茶山村撒 on September 18, 2017 at 7:23 am


  2. Chris Andrew Allen on April 28, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Carey, I have a similar question to #2 that I’ve combed your podcasts and blogs for wisdom. You probably have addressed these questions, but I haven’t found them. I’m 34, moving from a worship pastor position at a mid-sized church where I’ve been for 9 years to a worship pastor position at a large church. When taking a new position, what are common mistakes new staff members make? What are the most important elements of ministry to invest in those first weeks, months? And when are significant changes appropriate to implement? I’m certain changes will be necessary, but certainly don’t want to lead off with those until I’ve developed trust. Likewise, I would think there’s a limited initial season to introduce new direction while it’s more expected from current teams and the congregation. Thanks!

    Chris Allen

  3. donjonesmd on January 4, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Carey – thanks for your work on this podcast. Enjoyed listening to it while on the treadmill – note: the time postings are helpful so that I can go back and revisit a couple of items.

    ** Appreciated the staff-led ministry overview. That is something we need to move toward as a “congregationally governed” church. We do function more like your overview than having to vote on all issues, or ministry launches or endings.

    ** Appreciated also your response about preaching ministry and its importance.

    ** Response to 57 year old pastor. What I have read and observed regarding church ministry is that the conventional wisdom is to find a place to serve and plan to finish out in early 50s (at latest) because it will be very difficult to find a place of ministry in later years. The age factor seems to kick in within the “church world” as well. I recently had a conversation with 58 year old pastor and he was observing that among his colleagues as well – at least as far as a Lead pastor is concerned. Some preliminary contacts with search firms seem to bear this out as well. Perhaps things are different in Canada or else I’m living in a bubble. Are you aware of individuals have been able to begin new ministries in Lead Pastor position with your contacts. I’m curious because I’m in that age segment as well – not sure how I arrived here. It just seemed to have happened 😉

    Thanks again for your work. Appreciated!

    • Carey Nieuwhof on January 5, 2017 at 8:51 pm

      Thanks Don…appreciate the feedback. I really think age is a state of mind. I think there’s a young 58 and an old 38. I think leaders with fresh ideas and enthusiasm at any age have a future. I’ll be 52 this year and I feel like I’m just starting out.

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