CNLP Bonus 012: #AskCarey Part 11

Your questions are the best questions.

We’re back with another bonus episode of Ask Carey. Scroll down to see what questions I tackle this episode.

Welcome to Ask Carey Part 11.

Ask Carey

Questions Featured in this Episode

2:49   How many entry level staff still focus on building relationships in the church? As you switch to a larger organization, does all the staff make that transition?

9:39 How do you find people to mentor and work with, and creating a humble environment?

15:45 What would you say are the top 5 or 10 hindrances today?

23:01 How do you strengthen and maintain when trying to plant or pastor a church?

25:59 In what places are you finding where people feel a sense of community?

29:47 How do you define a win when it comes to Monday morning?

Links Mentioned

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Carey’s Blog (with link to SpeakPipe)

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CNLP Bonus 012: #AskCarey Part 11

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