CNLP Bonus 001: The Best of Year One

It’s been an incredible year. And this week, the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast turns one!

To celebrate, we put together a retrospective, best of year one! While we couldn’t include every episode, we found some highlights that are designed to move your mind (and heart) into new leadership space.

Think of it as a 1:09 super compressed leadership lab, or as an intro to the episodes you may have missed, or as just a fantastic celebration of our journey together so far.

Welcome to the first bonus episode of the Podcast!


Guests and Links Mentioned in this Episode

At 4:31, Andy Stanley from CNLP 001:

At 9:30, Caleb Kaltenbach from CNLP 033:

At 12:46, Perry Noble from CNLP 002:

At 16:18, Rich Birch from CNLP 008:

At 19:26, Jon Acuff from CNLP 009:

At 22:51, Pete Wilson from CNLP 011:

At 26:56, Frank Bealer from CNLP 020:

At 30:26, Mark Batterson from CNLP 032:

At 32:30, Jeff Henderson from CNLP 016:

At 35:03, Josh Gagnon from CNLP 017:

At 38:09, Clay Scroggins from CNLP 035:

From 41:43, John Stickl from CNLP 029:

From 43:43, Will Mancini from CNLP 023:

From 46:00, David Kinnaman from CNLP 024

At 48:10, Geoff Surratt from CNLP 040:

At 50:01, Kara Powell from CNLP 004:

At 54:44, Casey Graham from CNLP 003:

At 57:21, David McDaniel from CNLP 047:

At 58:45, Chris Lema from CNLP 039:

At 1:00:51, Barnabas Piper from CNLP 050:

At 1:02:42, Jeff Price from CNLP 048

At 1:04:55, Craig Groschel from CNLP 052:

Notable Quotes from Year One of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

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