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Big, Contentless Void?

So the latest You Tube king is a 14 year old named Fred who has over 45 million views. Robert Scoble and Seth Godin both use Fred to show that in marketing, volume is not king.  Almost nobody will get 45 million viewers.  Nobody.  The problem for them is that Fred isn’t making money nor is You Tube. That’s not what concerns me.

My observation: Fred has no content.  I mean, he’s one part funny, one part entertaining, one part sad (what needs to be true in his life for a 14 year old kid to make endless streams of cynically funny videos?) and one part annoying.  I’d love to meet Fred though…he seems on many levels like a great kid.

It’s just weird how you can get 45 million hits with no content.  I mean, Fred really doesn’t have anything to say.  There’s no message.

And yet those of us who track with a blog like this one believe there is a message that changes the world.  There is ONE who changes the world.  Does He get the kind of attention Fred gets? 

I’m thinking about all the thousands of hours people have spent watching Fred this month.  Nothing wrong with entertainment, but ultimately I want my life to be about something – someONE – who matters.  When I reflect on my own life, how much of my time is spent on things that matter?  I’m going to hit thousands of websites and invest thousands of hours this year on something.  How can I make it better count?

I don’t want my life to be about millions of hits that really don’t lead anywhere?

How does this make you think about spending your time and energy, especially given the fact that summer is now in full effect?

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