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You…A Hero In Waiting

In my morning reading this morning, I was in the book of Judges checking out the story of Gideon.  I forgot how much I love Gideon, and how much power there is in his story.

Times were bad. Real bad. The question du jour was "if things are this lousy (and they were really terrible), how can God be with us? And whatever happened to the good old days when God seemed near?"  Gideon’s bold enough to ask the question directly.

God’s answer? Here I am Gideon, and I’m sending you. Gideon’s got a thousand reasons why God would be wrong about that (I’m not good enough, nobody knows me).  But God calls him a mighty warrior.  Then God does this crazy stuff with Gideon (you have to read the whole story), and God’s power and rescue is released.

My thought this morning: how many Gideons are there right now?  Too often we are experts at saying "man, if God were with us…if things were better….".  What if God was waiting for us to talk to Him instead of each other about this stuff.  What if God was ready to move right now and He was just waiting for you?

Tomorrow many people with gather at Connexus and other churches around the world to encounter this same God. As thousands gather for the Orange Conference Monday and the Drive conference the week after, how many Gideons are there?

Are you one of them?  Is God ready to release you?  I mean, seriously.   I love God’s words to Gideon before Gideon opens his mouth way back at the beginning of the story – before Gideon has even met God.  Mighty hero, the Lord is with you.

What’s keeping us from believing that this might be a moment like that? 

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  1. Doris Schuster on April 28, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Carey, the last time you talked about Gideon (Sept. 2007, at Trinity), it really encouraged me to "jump in" and make a risky move, without much help (just like Gideon). The result was amazing! You had written to me "If God told you to do something, then jump in and HE will catch you!" I had been led to send a healing prayer to someone over the internet and to pray and believe for that healing even without being present. Because "God was in it", this person was healed of many physical, emotional and even spiritual issues very quickly. I was so surprized and very excited, but as you said "God is faithful".

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