I’ve been thinking/talking a lot with leaders lately about the power of a unified vision and mission.  At the lead pastor’s retreat for the North Point lead pastors a few weeks ago, Andy Stanley talked to us about how hard it can be to lead a team when competing agendas are at work.

It’s not just a church principle…it’s a life principle. Try being married when spouses are working at crossed purposes, or running a company when two partners want to go one way and two want to go another.  Try a going on a family vacation when half the family wanted to go skiing at Whistler and the other half is bound and determined to go to Disney World.   You just set yourself up for failure.

I love what I see at Connexus as a team of leaders, elders, staff and volunteers are gathering together around a common mission to lead people into a growing relationship through Jesus Christ by creating relevant environments.  What’s even more powerful is that this team is committed to a common strategy.  We are actually going to do very few things as a church.  No pot lucks, no socials, no infinite stream of ministries running off in 80 directions, no fundraising bake sales, nothing to distract us from our core mission.  We all only have so much energy, time and resources to give, so why not align them — streamline them — around a core mission and strategy that seeks to create a few relevant environments in which life change can happen best?

The impact of a streamlined strategy designed at leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus is that somehow all of our efforts get maximized.  Rather than spending sixteen hours arguing about whether to go to Whistler or Disney, you can actually use that time and energy in a positive direction by choosing a location and working together to make the experience as engaging and rewarding as possible.  That’s what I see every Sunday as e-team members arrive before 6 a.m. to pour their hearts into what we’re going to do.  That’s what I know we’ll see next month as dozens of volunteers and hopefully many of you gather together at Group Link to pursue life in community groups together.  That’s what we see when people pour their hearts into family ministry that we pray, over time,  will become second to none in this country, with relevant environments for students, children and infants and a strategy to equip their parents for the task of spiritually and morally forming their kids.

You can do a lot when you are on a mission, together. 

What excites you most about having a definite strategy and then going for broke trying to implement it with excellence?

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