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3 Reasons Most Time Management Attempts End Up Frustrating You

You probably think you need to get better at managing time in 2017. Don’t we all? After all, as you’ve probably already discovered, time management is more disappointing than you thought it would be. Why? Because eventually, almost all of your time management attempts will leave you with diminishing returns. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re…

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The Top 7 Myths About Time (It’s Time to Bust)

Maybe you play this little game. Every Monday (or every first of the month or every new year) you say to yourself, “This will be different. I’m finally going to crush my to do list/get to the gym/be home with my family for dinner/not be overwhelmed.” And before you know it, your best intentions vaporize…

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How to Start Managing Your Time Better Beginning Today

You know the frustration. You put in a full day. You worked hard. But you didn’t even touch that important project.  You’ve been meaning to. You intended to do it. It was first on your list. But the message isn’t written. The strategic plan isn’t done. The analysis that could turn your organization around didn’t…

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Seven Signs You Don't Value Your Time

Like almost everybody, I have to make constant corrections to how I manage my time. There always seem to be more opportunities than time available, more inbox than there are hours, and more people wanting ‘just ten minutes’ than there are ten minute segments. Time is a fixed commodity; you can always make more money,…

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