7 Signs You Should Never Take the High Impact Leader Course


Today’s a very special day for me and for many other leaders. We are celebrating the launch of High Impact Leader Course.

So far, we’ve been able to help 2,200 leaders get their life and leadership back by getting time, energy and priorities working in their favor. That excites me for about 1,000 reasons, not the least of which is that for the first decade of my leadership I struggled daily with trying to keep up with a rapidly growing church and an ever expanding set of demands on my life and leadership.

That ultimately led me to burnout, something that’s very difficult to recover from.

By the grace of God, I recovered. And over the last decade, I set up a new set of principles that have led me to thrive, even though I’m currently juggling about 10x the responsibilities I was before I burned out.

I get excited about the potential of the course because I hope that it won’t just keep leaders from burning out, but that it will help them thrive.

Every day, we hear from leaders who ask whether The High Impact Leader Course is right for them. It’s a great question, so let me take a stab at it.

First, I think it works for both church leaders and business leaders. We have a growing number of business leaders who read this blog and listen to my podcast. Time, energy and priority management are people issues, not just church issues. We all struggle with the same challenges.

So how do you know if the course is right for you?

Well, I thought I’d poke some fun at my usual blog style and give you 7 reasons you should never take the course. In my view, the course would be a waste of time and money if all or most of these 7 things are true in your life:

  1. You get all your major priorities accomplished pretty much every day.
  2. You’re spending the majority of your time doing things that energize you and produce great results for your church or organization.
  3. You have a clear and comfortable way of saying no to people you don’t want to meet with. So you rarely end up in meetings or at lunches with people you don’t want to meet with.
  4. Work never bleeds into family time. You’re great at drawing clear boundaries between work and home.
  5. You have time for hobbies. You’re writing that book, launching that blog or podcast, biking all the miles you want to bike or building that bookshelf you’ve been wanting to build.
  6. You’re not tired. You get a full night’s sleep most nights, and sometimes you even take naps and don’t feel guilty.
  7. You can imagine a handling even more work and growth because your current approach to work and life has given you margin.

If you’re living that way, the High Impact Leader won’t really help you at all. (Actually, that’s true. Don’t waste your money. If you’ve got all the stuff figured out…hats off to you!)

My problem is that 11 years ago, most of that wasn’t true in my life. As a result, I crashed. I burned out. And so many leaders I know are in the same place. Whether they’re burning out or not, life is overwhelming them every day.

On the other side of burnout, I had to figure out a new strategy for life and leadership that would allow those 7 conditions to be true.

The High Impact Leader Course will show you how to get to a place where your those 7 conditions describe your life and leadership.

What Leaders Are Saying

Here are what some alumni are saying about The High Impact Leader Course

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing the course again. It has absolutely made an impact in my life and family already that I can’t even describe.” – First Priority, Clayton County, North Carolina

“Carey’s course was the perfect way for our team to prepare for the new year. Our team, both collectively and individually, took a fresh look at maximizing our time and leadership gifts for the year ahead. I highly recommend this leadership development resource for you and your team.” Jeff Henderson, Gwinnett Church, Atlanta Georgia

“A lot of books and programs make big promises and cannot deliver but this is not one of them. I have read so many books and watched videos on productivity but the way you approach it and teach is helpful and has changed my work week in ministry in amazing ways.” Chris Sloan, Tanglewood Church, Kingston, North Carolina

“Just wow.  Thank you, thank you.” Dave Campbell, Invitation Church, Sioux Falls South Dakota

A game changer.” Pam Perkins, Red Rock Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you want to start leveraging time, energy and priorities to help you lead better at work and at home, visit www.TheHighImpactLeader.com to learn more.

In any event, you’ll decide whether this is right for you or not.

I don’t know where you’re at, but my heart is for every leader to get out of the trap of being busy but not productive, of working long hours but producing less than hoped for.

That’s what the High Impact Leader Course is all about: it’s about getting time, energy and priorities working in your favour. It’s about getting your life and leadership back.

Registration for the High Impact Leader Course currently closed. However, join the waiting list now so you don’t miss a thing.

Join the High Impact Leader Waitlist

In the meantime, I’ll keep producing free posts and podcasts that I hope can help you lead like never before.

Thanks for making this launch of the High Impact Leader so special. I appreciate and value you so much!


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