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606,079: A Number You Need to Understand

So Drive started tonight. Wonderful to see real live Connexus people again (our road trip crew made it safely!) Also great opening session with Andy Stanley.  But here’s what grabbed me as much as anything today.

I had the opportunity to be at the North Point staff meeting before Drive and all staff got a conference lanyard with this number on it: 606,079.  So what’s the deal? Here it is: that number represents every person affiliated with a church that has leaders at Drive.  In other words, what we learn together as a community in these next three days can influence over half a million people globally when we get back to our churches.  Mix that in with Orange last week and the total skyrockets way past one million lives.

The great leadership team at North Point and Orange realize that great leaders multiply their influence.  The leaders here do it by investing heavily in other leader who in turn impact cities and countries all over.

Who are you building into? Not just hanging with, but mentoring, growing, stretching?  Believe it or not, if you step forward willing to be used by God, He might use you to influence dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands over your life — all for good, all for God. Three years into this relationship with the leaders and Orange and North Point, I can’t tell you how deeply their love, wisdom, intelligence and kindness has influenced me, and consequently in some way, over 1100 people who we’ve already influenced in our first six months at Connexus.

So – keep the story going.  Build into someone.  Multiply your influence.

P.S. Speaking at Drive tomorrow morning and afternoon.  I’d be so grateful if you would pray for God to use that time powerfully.

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  1. Rob pinches on May 9, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Wow Carey

    At the study on Tuesday it was amazing to watch God at work in the lives of the people at the study. My friend Andy and I were talking about the study and what it was God was doing in that group. We discussed the way we are to build into the lives of the people we come into contact with and especially those in the study. We talked about growing a tomato plant and the need for soil preparation the fertilizer and water and sunshine the constant vigilance in keeping the weeds away so that the plant will be healthy. The need at a certain point to support the plant so it can get to the point it can support itself and bear fruit. We made the comment that the support we give is so the plant won't fall to the ground and not have the opportunity to really grow and be strong as in the lives of the people in the study. Andy made a great observation at that point we also support the plant so it grows in the right direction. We as children of god keep each other pointed in the right direction and supporting the growth that Christ gives each and every one of us. we need to be doing this for each other at every opportunity this not a task as as much as it is an opportunity to be interacting on the level of friendship, fellowship, Love and all the fruits of the spirit. We can grow together being their to support each other and keep each other on the right track. Let us be purposeful in this let us be actively involved in the life of those who call us friend. That is the body of Christ at work.

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