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Why The World Won't End Today


Will the world end today?

So were the Mayans right? Is today really the last day of the world?

Well, no. I’ll explain why in a moment.

But first, the Mayans created quite a buzz, didn’t they?

In fact, any time there’s semi-serious talk of the world ending, people talk about it.

Having released a book recently, I’ve spent some time looking through the best seller list. I was surprised to discover that some of the very best selling books in any category are books about the afterlife. I guess if you’re going to spend forever somewhere, people want to know whether heaven is for real. (We’ll do a series on what happens after you die at Connexus next year).

After we survive the Mayan apocalypse, it would be good to have a filter for any and all future predictions of doomsday. And we have one.

So why isn’t the world ending today?

You can look at it from at least two perspectives:

1. Scientific. NASA is so sure the world will be spinning with people on it December 22nd that they released this video to be watched the day after world ended. (It’s a decent explanation of how we misunderstood the whole Mayan calendar in the first place; pop culture is not know for it’s depth of analysis.)

But we don’t need NASA to tell us the world isn’t ending. We have an even better perspective.

2. Biblical. The fact that someone predicted the end of the world on a specific day is virtually ironclad proof it won’t be that day.

Jesus simply said that no one will know the hour when Christ comes back. While Jesus was on earth, he didn’t even know the day or time. So how could we?

As soon as you hear someone predict the world will end on X date, you can be pretty much count on the fact it won’t happen. My personal guess is the world will end the day people finally stop predicting it will end, kind of like the couple who got pregnant when they stopped trying.

As fun and amusing as today’s prediction is, it leaves me uneasy. Here’s why.

One day Christ will come back.

And that will be an awesome day and a terrible day. When we finally realize it’s actually happening, we won’t be able to change anything. It might in fact be too late for many people you and I know and love.

Today is not that day. At least not yet. Which makes what you and I do today so important. Particularly in terms of letting people know that a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is not just possible but desirable and ultimately necessary.

And one day – when we least expect – it will really happen.

And in all likelihood, it will surprise us all.

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  • Robin Padanyi

    Thanks, Carey, for putting an Christ-centered emphasis on the Mayan prediction. You reminded me that my life should be lived out in obedience and urgency since Jesus will come back someday.