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8 Ways Church Leaders Can Use Periscope to Aid Your Mission

Today’s guest post on Periscope is by Rich Birch of and the Unseminary Podcast.  Rich was also a guest on Episode 8 of my podcast. Scroll down the bottom to learn more about Rich and get a free ministry magazine with some of Rich’s best content.  ____ Periscope is a live video-streaming app for iOS and Android smartphones. Twitter purchased…

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Why Most Churches Greet You Like It’s 1999

So your church has a website and a Facebook page. The adventurous have perhaps added Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or maybe you’ve gone all out, even podcasting your messages or building an app for iOS or Android. (The links are to Connexus Church sites, where I get the chance to serve!) We’re still in the early days of…

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Why Shrinking Attention Spans Are a Myth (And 5 Ways to Fight Them)

As a leader, you fight for people’s attention. If you don’t have their attention, you don’t have influence. And if you have no influence, you’re not leading. So having people’s attention is critical. How do you get it? That’s a great question. And the emerging consensus today is that you need to be shorter because people’s…

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5 Trends You Won't Be Able to Dismiss in 2014

Sometimes you can dismiss a trend as a fad. Like Crocs, the Harlem Shake, or flash mobs.  At other times to dismiss a trend is just a mistake. As in every era, some of today’s trends will become tomorrow’s reality. Innovative leaders aren’t afraid to embrace change and to be some of the first in on…

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9 Great Ways for Leaders To Use Social Media (+ 3 Mistakes)

Social media has changed the leadership landscape radically in the last few years. The question is how do you use it optimally as a leader? In my experience, social media is both about what you do on social media as well as how you do it. The what is your content. The how is your tone. Both are…

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