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convince your boss

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss You’re Right

If you were in charge, everything would be different, wouldn’t it? But you’re not. At least not yet. You think you’re right (you have some great ideas). And you’ll do anything to convince your boss to do what you think your church or organization needs to do. Which leads us to the big question. How…

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trust in leadership

How to Tell Who You Can Truly Trust in Leadership

So who can you trust… mean truly trust in leadership? You’ve trusted people you thought you could trust, only to be disappointed or get burned (sometimes badly). You’ve decided not to trust someone, only to realize you were wrong and he or she was completely trustworthy, and you missed a great opportunity to grow your team. Trusting people…

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5 Things Long Term Leaders Master (And Quitters Never Do)

Very rarely does success come from jumping from one venture to another every few years. And very rarely does long term impact happen from short term tenure. And yet in ministry and in life, people often jump from venture to venture or church to church hoping the next fit is better than the last fit,…

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3 Leadership Secrets That Can Help Young Leaders Gain an Edge

We have had a lot of young leaders join our team over the last few years, some straight out of school. I absolutely love working with young leaders, but one of the challenges is helping them acclimatize to working in a team setting with others. Over the last few years, we’ve discovered a few key practices (call them…

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Why Your Words Weigh 800 Pounds (and How to Handle Them)

If you’re a leader, your words weigh more. I heard Andy Stanley say this years ago, and I can’t get away from how true it is. The challenge is most leaders are unaware of why their words weigh more.  And even those who know their words matter more often aren’t sure what to do about…

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Leadership Trends with Rich Birch – Episode 3

I’ve met an worked with a lot of people, but few I’ve met are as sharp or bring as unique a perspective to leadership as Rich Birch. Rich and I worked together for several years at Connexus. Prior to that Rich served on The Meeting House leadership team. And he currently serves as Operations Pastor…

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Young Leader Mistake #3: Inadequate Leadership Development

Most things don’t start big. They start small. While we all want to see our mission and organization grow, nothing stunts the growth of a ministry faster than inadequate leadership development. It’s a mistake almost every young leader makes. I did..and honestly, as much as our church has grown, I feel like I’m still learning…

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