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7 Ways To Live Out The Gospel in a Post-Truth, Post-Fact Culture

Regardless of where your politics lean, many would sense that American culture is quickly becoming both post-truth and post-fact. It’s happening right before our eyes. Don’t like the outcome of what’s happening? Claim it never happened. Bothered by what the data says? Offer your own data, even if you have to make it up. The…

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7 Keys to Becoming a Leader People Like and Want to Hear From On Social Media

Here’s a theory. Everytime someone sees your name online or via social media, they have a reaction. An emotional reaction. Come on, you do. When you see someone’s name, picture or status roll across your phone, you feel something and think something, don’t you? While you might never say it out loud or think it consciously, on the inside: You smile, or wince.…

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Leadership Trends with Rich Birch – Episode 3

I’ve met an worked with a lot of people, but few I’ve met are as sharp or bring as unique a perspective to leadership as Rich Birch. Rich and I worked together for several years at Connexus. Prior to that Rich served on The Meeting House leadership team. And he currently serves as Operations Pastor…

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What I Learned from My Social Media Fast

So I feel like I emerged from a cave yesterday when I came out of a five day social media fast.  How do I feel?  Like the rest of the world gets around by sports car and I got handed a wagon with a broken wheel and no horse. My rules were simple:  communicate with…

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Do You Lie When You Twitter?

Very few people I know have a bad day. Let me correct that.  All the people I know have bad days and discouraging moments. It’s just the people I hang around on twitter seem not to.  Everyone is so pumped to be part of an organization, has the perfect wife that they can’t believe married…

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