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audience is thinking

How To Know What Your Audience Is Thinking BEFORE You Communicate

Ever wonder what your audience is thinking as you give your sermon, talk or speech? Why not find out ahead of time? The problem with most communicators is that they only get feedback after they communicate.  Whether it’s a polite “that was nice” at the door, or an email you get from someone who didn’t agree, or a…

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boring sermons

7 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block and Eliminate Boring Sermons

Ever write a message or talk that even you suspected was boring? That’s exactly where I found myself this week. I’d outlined my message for our current series weeks ago, but when I went back into it 6 days before delivery, I realized I’d written a basically boring sermon on a fundamentally exciting subject. What’s worse,…

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5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience (Like a Rock Star)

I am so not a rock star. And you may not be either. But as a leader I’m a communicator and that means that like you, I want to connect with the people I’m speaking to. On that note…ever feel like you’re not connecting with your audience? Whether you’re speaking, writing or even trying to…

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5 Keys to Writing a Talk You Can Deliver Without Notes

As we wrap up our three part series on speaking without notes (Part 1 was on why you should give your talk without using notes and Part 2 was on how to give a talk without using notes), let’s bat clean up by sharing and comparing best practices on how to prepare a talk you…

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