7 Keys to Becoming a Leader People Like and Want to Hear From On Social Media

Here’s a theory.

Everytime someone sees your name online or via social media, they have a reaction.

An emotional reaction.

Come on, you do.

When you see someone’s name, picture or status roll across your phone, you feel something and think something, don’t you?

While you might never say it out loud or think it consciously, on the inside:

You smile, or wince.

You think ‘awesome’ or ‘oh no’.

You say “I wonder what’s wrong this time?” or “they always post such great stuff”.

It’s true, isn’t it?

I think that’s just the reality in which we live these days.

So now a question: Any idea what other people think of you when they see you online?

I promise you, they have a reaction. They really do.

And most of us have no idea what it is.

The good news is if you think about your presence online, you can leverage it the same way you would if you were in the room with someone.

In my last post, I outlined 6 subtle ways leaders undermine their influence online.

Today, I want to flip it and outline 7 keys to building a great online presence as a leader.


Your Platform Online Is Only as Strong As Your Presence Online

If you want to grow your online presence out there, there are some really smart people out there who can help you build your online presence.

A couple of my favourites these days include Justin Wise, Chris Lema (Chris writes some technical posts, but he’s a must read because of the general advice he gives about life online as well) and people like Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield. All of these people have great advice on how to grow an online platform. If growth is your goal, start clicking those links.

But your platform will only ever be as strong as your presence.

In the end, it’s as much about who you are as it is about what you’re trying to accomplish.

In fact, who you are could sabotage your strategy.

And–here’s the reality–many of us leaders will never have big platforms.  And many won’t want them.

But you should still be on social media.

But even though you may not want to grow your platform or find 10,000 followers on Twitter or have 2000 friends  and a fan page on Facebook, who you are online still impacts everything you do.

And it impacts your ministry.


7 Keys to Building a Great Social Media Presence as a Leader

So how do you engage social media and build a great presence, even if it’s for 100 people who track with you, or if its 10,000?

Sure, it’s about what you say and what you do.

But it’s also about how you do it.

In my experience, here are 7 keys to building a great online presence:


6 Subtle Ways Leaders Undercut Their Influence on Social Media

You probably see it every week—leaders who undercut their influence.

Sometimes they blow it completely through one or two dumb moves. And sometimes you end up thinking “I’m not really sure I want to follow them anymore” but you’re not exactly sure why.

The loss of influence is subtle, but real.

Because of constant—even daily— exposure, social media makes influence easier to gain…and that much easier to lose.

Almost every ministry leader I know is on social media today. And so is almost everyone they lead.

So the opportunity to squander your influence is that much higher.

And often we do it without even realizing it.


Leadership Is Influence

Before we jump into how leaders lose influence on social media, a word on why influence matters.

Properly construed, influence is not actually about ego at all.

Gaining and building influence is critical for all of us who lead because, as John Maxwell has famously said, leadership is influence.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Lose your influence and you’re not leading anyone.

Build influence and you can take people places they wouldn’t ordinarily go, which is the essence of a leader’s job.

Moreover, if you’re a follower of Christ, you believe the influence you’ve been given is a trust.

You’re not leveraging influence for your sake, but for the sake of cause much bigger than yourself.

Which is why it’s so sad when ministry leaders squander trust or undermine influence.


6 Ways Leaders Undercut Their Influence on Social Media

So how do leaders undercut their influence on social media? Here are 6 subtle ways I’ve seen it happen.


8 Signs Your Vision Isn’t Going to Catch On

So you have a vision for the future. Virtually every leader does.

But how do you know whether your vision is going to catch on—whether it will capture the imagination of people and actually move them forward into a different future?

I mean that’s a tall order.

And any leader who’s even spent a few minutes up front casting vision has asked themselves whether their vision will catch on or not.

Sometimes even after you unveil the vision, you live for months waiting and wondering whether it is resonating widely or whether it’s simply going to fizzle and die.

Is there a way to know whether your vision will catch on, or whether it will sputter on before it dies out?

I think there is.


8 Signs Your Vision Isn’t Going to Catch On

In my experience, a vision needs at least 8 ingredients for it to resonate with people. This isn’t scientific…it’s just experience.

I know when things haven’t caught on the way I had hoped in the past, I’ve gone back to these elements to ensure they were in place.

Hopefully they can help you craft a clear and compelling vision for your organization  or ministry area that resonates.

Here are 8 signs your vision isn’t going to catch on:


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