11 Simple Ways to Bring Your Best Energy To Your Team Starting Today

I completely agree with Bill Hybels.

The best thing you can bring to your team as a leader is your energy.

This is true not just for your team, but for your family for your friends…for life.

Great leaders seems to have a reservoir of emotional, spiritual and relational energy that’s contagious.

And yet, if you’re like me, you struggle with your energy level on a regular basis.

I think everyone does. I’m not sure there are exceptions.

So how do you become one of those leaders who has energy on more days than you don’t?

A few simple disciplines can turn the situation around for you quickly…starting today.


11 Simple Ways to Regularly Renew Your Energy as a Leader

For me at this stage in my life and work, here’s what I need to do to bring my best energy every day. My guess is you’re not much different.

To really bring your best every day, try these 11 things:


The Curse of the Selfie Generation: 3 Cultural Shifts Happening Before Our Eyes

Whatever you might think of people who are obsessed with taking selfies (I’ve taken a few…so you can start there), something in the culture is changing.

Something big.

And it has implications for all of us who lead, parent and frankly, who simply live. Cultural shifts do that.

And as easy as it is to pick on millennials (people born between the early 80s and early 2000s) and call them the selfie generation, I think it’s a little broader than that.

In fact, I’ve seen the trait I’m writing about today embodied by 18 year olds, 45 year olds and even in 75 year olds.

What’s the issue?

An obsession with self. 

What if the obsession is deeper than you think?

And what if it’s harming you more and the people around you more than you think?

Three Common Ways Self-Obsession Shows Up

So where’s the evidence that we’re becoming more self-obsessed?

Here are three ways I’ve seen a shift in culture over the last few years.


7 Signs You’re An Insecure Leader (And How to Overcome It)

When you get to know leaders fairly well on a personal level, you realize that a surprising number admit to being insecure.

In fact, insecurity has been a battle for me over the years. I don’t know whether you ever completely overcome it, but understanding how it works and what to do about it can really help.

In fact, knowing whether you’re insecure is critical to effective leadership. After all, self-awareness is half the battle to realizing your capacity as a leader.

The irony, of course, is that even if you’re not aware of your insecurity, everyone around you likely  suspects it. At a minimum, they live with the aftereffects every day (read the signs below…trust me…people close to you see them in you).

So why not be honest with yourself?

Not only will you become a more secure person, but your organization will benefit—not to mention your family and friends.


7 Signs You’re an Insecure Leader

When I look inside of myself and around at others, here are 7 signs that tell me a leader is struggling with insecurity:


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