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Change Week Starts Tomorrow

Leading Change

Starting tomorrow, it’s Change Week on the blog. For all of you wanting to lead change (without losing it), it’s going to be our best week yet.

It’s all to mark the official release of my new book, Leading Change Without Losing It. Next week, I’d love to get the book into the hands of many leaders as possible, and to advance a dialogue about change that will help you realize your mission and vision further faster.

Here’s what we’ve lined up for you between Monday December 10th and Monday December 17th – launch week:

1.  I’ll post a five part series on change here on the blog, responding to your questions about how to lead change when you’re facing opposition.

2.  The book is 50% off on Kindle and iBooks – just $4.99 a copy.  This deal is a limited time offer and will expire right after launch week.

3.  There will be some giveaways.  Check back for links to other bloggers will be helping us launch the book. Each of them have copies of the book to give away.

Now a final offer. I’d love to have you help spread the word.  Here’s how you can help.

On twitter, use the hashtag #changebook when talking about the book or blog posts.

Here’s why: on Monday, December 17th I’ll select three winners who used the #changebook hashtag on twitter:

  1. Two will win a free copy of the book.
  2. One winner will win
    1. Copies of the book for their entire team (up to twelve copies);  and
    2. I’ll include a one hour video call with this winner (or a team member of his or her choice) to work through your specific change scenario with you.

So that’s the plan for Change Week! We’ll start the dialogue tomorrow with the first blog post.

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