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US election

4 Suggestions After the US Presidential Election

Regardless of how you voted or who you were cheering for in the recent US election, you probably keep thinking, “What now?” There’s no doubt something fundamental is changing before our eyes. (I wrote about some of that in a post called 5 Predictions About the US Presidential Election.) Unquestionably, things will never quite be the…

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out of control

5 Signs Your World Is Spinning Out of Control

Almost every leader I know is busy. A little too busy. Busy has a price, and often that price leads to a leader’s world spinning out of control. It’s not just a price you pay. It’s a price everybody pays: your family, your team, your church. A fine line separates ‘busy’ and ‘out of control.’…

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presidential election

5 Predictions About the US Presidential Election

There’s no question that culture is changing rapidly. Occasionally, you realize things are changing in real time. Take, for example, the 2016 US Presidential election. It simply feels like we’re waking up to a new reality, both politically and culturally. One for which few of us feel prepared. As a Canadian who majored in US history and politics,…

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opposition to change

13 Facts About Opposition To Change Too Many Leaders Miss

You’re probably trying to change something right now. And — if you’re honest — you’ve already thought about backing off. Change seems too difficult. You’ve watched friends get hurt trying to lead similar change. You’ve heard the voices of opposition get a little louder. You really don’t want to be afraid to open your inbox every morning. But what if…

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recent exit

Some Thoughts About The Recent Exit of Two Megachurch Pastors

Like many of  you, I was deeply saddened to learn of Pete Wilson’s recent resignation as the Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church. In Pete’s own words (you should read and watch them for yourself), he’s tired, broken and has led on empty for too long. So he’s stepping back. This comes, of course, just a…

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control freaks

What Everybody Ought to Know About Control Freaks in Leadership

It’s amazing to me how many leaders I know tell me they struggle with control. I come by the subject honestly because I, too, am a recovering control freak. Most people have a love-hate relationship with control. Control freaks love it when they’re in control. But others hate working for them. People who like control seem to have a…

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bad day

7 Simple but Effective Strategies to Get You Through a Bad Day

Ever have a bad day? Of course you do. You’re human. As much as you don’t like days like that (does anybody?) they’re inevitable in leadership. Someone sends you an email that sets you off. A crisis hijacks the day you were going to spend getting a project done. Unexpected bad news pours in. You experience conflict with a…

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jerk leader

10 Signs You’re Just a Jerk…Not A Leader

So you lead. You’re in charge…at least you’re in charge of something or hope to be one day. But how do you know you’re leading effectively…and that you’re not, well, a jerk? I mean we’ve all been around leaders who are extremely difficult to be around. Think about how badly leaders are often viewed. Over the years, boss has…

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insecure leaders

5 Things Insecure Leaders Wrongly Believe

Ever notice that so many of the challenges you face as a leader happen in your mind? Me too. Why is that? Well, so much of leadership is actually not a battle with others, it’s a battle with yourself. And a good portion of that battle arises out of insecurity. Barnabas Piper and Todd Adkins interview…

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suck at vacation

Why Driven People Suck at Vacation (And 5 Ways To Fix It)

So summer is here and you’re trying to take some time off. Ever notice that’s what driven leaders say all the time? I’m going to try to take two weeks off. I’m gonna try to unplug. I’m trying to relax. We A-types suck at vacation, don’t we? It also really sucks if you’re married to us. Or we’re your parents. How…

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