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5 Reasons Every Senior Leader Should Get Passionate About Families

I’m a senior pastor.

And like most senior pastors I delegate much of the ministry that goes on to staff and volunteers so I can focus on leadership, communication and raising up teams and resources around our mission.

It’s tempting to delegate the cause of family and kids to our family ministry team and leave it at that.

And that’s the mistake most senior leaders make. Again and again.

Every time you do that, you risk jeopardizing your mission and your future.

Here’s why.


Over the years, I’ve become convinced that the better we engage families, the strong our mission becomes. Lose families (in all of their forms), and you lose the future.

So here are 5 reasons why every senior leaders should be passionate about families:


Revivals Are Dead: 5 Things That Will Never Be the Same Again

You might think “things will never be the same again” is a conversation reserved for people over 70.

But my guess is you’re struggling with that in ministry leadership right now.

Even if you don’t realize it. And you’re probably struggling with it more than you think.

Wise leaders pay attention to those instincts and jump on any insights right away, because the key to the future lies within them.

Even if you’re a young leader, the change you’re seeing around you is radical. And it will require a radical response from you.

 things that will never be the same again

Ch-ch-changes All Around You

Think about what’s changed in the last 20 years. Back in the early 90s:

Less than .5% of the world’s population was on the internet.

Wifi and broadband didn’t exist.

We watched movies at home on a VHS and went to a store to rent them.

95 % of music sold was on CD.

If you wanted to go somewhere, you used a paper map to plot your route.

Google’s founders were in college.

There was no such thing as text messaging.

Remember the world most of us were born into? It doesn’t exist anymore.

So no one should be surprised that the church is changing, rapidly.

How you respond to it will determine your ability to effectively lead the mission of the church into the next 20 years.


5 Things That Will Never Be the Same Again

Here are five things that will never be the same again in the church:


How To Write Things the People You Lead Actually Want to Read

Chances are this week you’re going to write something you hope people will read.

An email to your volunteers

A blog post for your organization

Social media updates

A note to parents

Teasers outlining your next message series or big initiative

A request for money/volunteers

And chances are you’ll be frustrated because you don’t get nearly the response you’d hope for.

You can change that. Quite easily actually. Starting today.

writing things people actually want to read


Three Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Writing

Most people who write on behalf of organizations (and churches) make three mistakes.

 They mostly communicate information about what, where, and when something is taking place.

 They write from the viewpoint of the organization.

 What they write only helps them, not the reader.


And Then They Delete You

Write like that on a regular basis, and most people will begin to delete whatever you send them the moment they see who it’s from.

Sure, your mom might read it and tell you that you did a good job, but if you actually knew how few people read your stuff, it would be…depressing.

As someone who writes a lot, the last thing I want to do is spend time writing something nobody reads.


Make These Three Changes

The good news is, if you can successfully change just three things, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better—and far more effective—writer.

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