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5 Problems with Church Music Battles (& How to Address Them)

Before we even get started, please know this isn’t a slam against any style of music in the church.

In fact, I admire all churches that are innovating to become more effective in their mission.

But here’s the challenge.

Many leaders have almost spilled blood getting their church to change in the area of music (or making sure their church doesn’t change).

And yet despite the battles fought over music, many churches are actually not much further ahead in reaching people because of it.

Why is that?

music battles in church

Here are 5 problems I see church leaders struggle with when navigating the sensitive and emotional issue of worship style in church:


Do These 3 Selfish Leadership Motivations Describe You?

More Better Different

I wish I could remember who it was, but years ago someone told me that accumulation and success has a cycle.




This is true among the rich, but–stay tuned–it also has application for leaders.

Here’s how it looks when it comes to wealth. As soon as you see it, you’ll recognize this pattern immediately. Each motivation surfaces as you become more successful and gain access to greater resources. Which is something many leaders do.

Let’s just use cars as an example.

More. When one car is no longer sufficient, the aspiring guy buys two. Life is just so much easier and better with two, or three.

Better. Two well-used minivans are, well, so suburban. Because more won’t do anymore, he upgrades to an SUV and a german-engineered sedan.

Different.  Eventually, even the wealthy notice there are an ‘abundance’ of SUVs and german engineered cars on the road. So the cycle moves to another level. What better than to fly to Germany, tour the Porsche factory, have your vehicle custom delivered, try it out on the Autobahn and fly home while your Porsche is shipped back with you? (Seriously…Porsche offers this.) There. Now you’ll have a different, rare, unique and exclusive experience to talk to your colleagues about over lunch.

See the cycle?

And before you slam the crazy rich who like cars, just realize most of us live this out daily. (If you haven’t seen Andy Stanley’s Comparison Trap series on how comparison hurts us, you should…)

From starter homes (do we really want to raise our teens in this starter home?) to your appliances (note the rise of commercial grade appliances in custom kitchens, even when most people have no idea how to cook anymore), to that pair of shoes you got from that website none of your friends have discovered yet. If you haven’t fallen prey to the more/better/different cycle in some way, kudos to you. Most of us aren’t that fortunate.

But this also surfaces in leadership.

Keep reading this post…

Stoked About Sunday?

So it’s tempting as we head into the weekend to say things like "so stoked about Sunday" or "so pumped about our next (fill in the blank for the service or event here). 

But why are we stoked?

Are we excited:

  • because we’re speaking?
  • because we organized the event?
  • because we’re trying to get or we have momentum?
  • because we’re trying something new?
  • because we did a killer job planning it?
  • because we just like the things we create?

I know that’s a tad cynical, but honesty is a good policy.  Many of us who have led ministries or events have had some of those thoughts (or all of the above). Personally, I think I’ve been guilty of all of the above.  

There is one reason to be stoked about Sunday: because Jesus Christ is risen and interacting with people He loves.  

You can phrase it differently, or maybe even better.  But the bottom line is the same. He is the one who draws people to Himself. 

Now I’m still excited about a great band, some intriguing video, and a message that I hope inspires and helps people. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

But Jesus is the deal.  The only deal.  The only One worth doing this (or anything) for. 

The more I keep that front and centre, the more there’s actually something to be stoked about. 

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