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insights on burnout

A Decade Later: My Top 10 Insights On Burnout

Burnout is almost an epidemic among church leaders today, and it’s increasingly common among business leaders as well. Even young leaders are burning out. No longer is burnout an “I’ve been at this too long” kind of phenomenon. So what happens if you burnout? Can you come back? Can you lead again? Can you thrive again?…

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Jenni Catron

CNLP 071: Jenni Catron on Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

What make a leader extraordinary? Jenni Catron joins me to talk about the four dimensions of leadership that move a leader from ordinary to become the best at what they do. Welcome to Episode 71 of the Podcast. Guest Links: Jenni Catron  The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership: The Power of Leading from Your Heart, Soul,…

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