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8 Leadership Lessons from Facebook’s First Decade

Facebook has been around for a decade now.

Imagine that.

It’s changed the way hundreds of millions of people live every day, and whether you’re on Facebook or not, it’s impacted how you live.

While the stats are interesting and still a bit staggering, the first decade of Facebook also gives us leadership insights into what happens to any organization as it grows and develops.

The insights can help you learn what you can expect and how to adapt in your organization as well.


8 Facebook Leadership Lessons That Apply To Your Organization

Okay…the lessons here might seem a bit harsh, but truth is a good teacher. And sometimes when you look closely at why some things work and others don’t, you learn.

So I’m offering these lessons (and inviting you to leave a comment with others) in the hopes that they will make you and I better leaders.

Ready? Set. Go….

Revivals Are Dead: 5 Things That Will Never Be the Same Again

You might think “things will never be the same again” is a conversation reserved for people over 70.

But my guess is you’re struggling with that in ministry leadership right now.

Even if you don’t realize it. And you’re probably struggling with it more than you think.

Wise leaders pay attention to those instincts and jump on any insights right away, because the key to the future lies within them.

Even if you’re a young leader, the change you’re seeing around you is radical. And it will require a radical response from you.

 things that will never be the same again

Ch-ch-changes All Around You

Think about what’s changed in the last 20 years. Back in the early 90s:

Less than .5% of the world’s population was on the internet.

Wifi and broadband didn’t exist.

We watched movies at home on a VHS and went to a store to rent them.

95 % of music sold was on CD.

If you wanted to go somewhere, you used a paper map to plot your route.

Google’s founders were in college.

There was no such thing as text messaging.

Remember the world most of us were born into? It doesn’t exist anymore.

So no one should be surprised that the church is changing, rapidly.

How you respond to it will determine your ability to effectively lead the mission of the church into the next 20 years.


5 Things That Will Never Be the Same Again

Here are five things that will never be the same again in the church:


5 Trends You Won’t Be Able to Dismiss in 2014

Sometimes you can dismiss a trend as a fad. Like Crocs, the Harlem Shake, or flash mobs. 

At other times to dismiss a trend is just a mistake.

As in every era, some of today’s trends will become tomorrow’s reality.

Innovative leaders aren’t afraid to embrace change and to be some of the first in on the shifts they see around them. 

In that spirit, here are 5 trends you’ll no longer be able to dismiss in 2014.

5 Ministry Trends You Won't Be Able to Dismiss 2014

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