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Do You Know What’s Holding Your Leadership Back?

Almost any problem can be overcome if leaders become aware of what the problem is. Then at least you have a shot at handling it.

But what if you can’t see the problem?

What if the thing that’s holding you back is inside you and barely visible to you?

There are 7 things that consistently hold leaders back, not only in leadership, but in life.

Any idea which ones are affecting you?

7 clout killers

How Leaders Unknowingly Limit Their Influence

In her new book CloutJenni Catron identifies 7 struggles leaders have that undermine their God-given influence and clout.

Clout is the unique influence God has given you and no one else—the unique set of gifts, talents and experiences that he’s given to no one else. Not for the sake of a power trip, but to help accomplish what God wants to do in you and through you.

Think about it…everyone who has ever helped you or helped advance the Kingdom used their influence or power to advance a cause bigger than they were.

But each of us experiences a set of internal struggles that keep us from realizing the clout God has in mind for us.

Jenni identifies 7:


An Effective Way To Renew Passion Many Leaders Miss

An Effective Way to Renew Passion Many Leaders Miss

Most of us would love passion to fuel our life and work every day.

That’s always how it starts, right?

When you begin something, it’s pretty much all passion.

Whether you’ve felt a call into ministry, you’re starting a new job, you’re toying with a new idea, or you’re even beginning a new relationship, passion gets us out of the gate almost every time.

New almost always fuels passion.

And that passion can stay around for a season or two.

The problem is for all of us, passion fades.  

Even when we know something is right-that we really shouldn’t be doing anything else-passion wanes.  Give it a season, a year, or (for the ultra passionate), a decade, eventually it just doesn’t feel like it used to. Or like we think it’s supposed to.

That’s when we do one of two things:

We look for ways to renew our passion.  A new project.  Better numbers.  More growth.  A promotion.  A new pattern.  A side hobby.

We look for a new position.  We leave what we used to think was our dream calling and hope to find a new one somewhere else.

Can’t get passionate about this job anymore?  Find a new one.

Don’t like your current spouse? Trade her in.

Which is a shame.

Because passion has a surprising counterpart: perseverance.

So many people quit what could be a life calling not because the calling dried up but because their passion did.  

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Gaining Ground While Standing Strong: Change Amidst Opposition

Leading Change Without Losing It

Here is the outline for my talk called Gaining Ground While Standing Strong: Five Strategies for Leading Change Amidst Opposition that I delivered at Orange Conference 2013 in Atlanta.

Change is one of my favourite subjects. In fact, this talk is a very short summary of a few of the key ideas in my latest book, Leading Change Without Losing It (you can get more info or buy a copy here.)

Why Do People Change?

People change when the pain associated with the status quo is greater than the pain associated with change.

Strategy One: Do the Math

People typically divide into four groups:

Early Adopters

Early Majority

Silent Majority


Most leaders make two mistakes:

They assume loud=large

They assume volume=velocity

Although the opponents are loud and claim to represent ‘everyone’, they don’t. They represent about 10% of the population.

Although they claim to be going somewhere, opponents typically have a vision for the past, not for the future.

Focusing on the early adopters and early majority will help you navigate change.

Strategy Two: Choose Your Focus

You can focus on who you want to reach, or who you wan to keep.

Shifting your focus engages your fear.

is it more frightening to lose a handful of people or never accomplish your mission?

Would you rather lose the opponents, or the early adopters.?

Strategy Three: Find a Filter

Without a filter, everything sounds compelling.

As a leader you need to develop the questions that will shape your future.

The two question I ask are:

Is there a biblical argument in what the opponent is saying?

Is this the kind of person we can build the future of the church on?

If the answer is no to either question, listen graciously and move on.

Strategy Four: Attack Problems, Not People

Separate the people from the problem.

Turn to God. Because if you don’t turn to God you’ll turn on them.

Empathize with your opponents.

Wait a day before responding to any kind of correspondence that upsets you.

Strategy Five: Don’t Quit

Most leaders who change the world don’t move every five years.

Find good friends you can talk to.

Create an encouragement file (save anything positive that comes your way).

Develop a devotional life that has little to do with work.

Those are my notes. What are your questions about change?

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